Delta Sigma History

    On August 21, 1956 the Truman State University chapters of Delta Sigma Epsilon and Delta Zeta sororities merged to create what is currently the Delta Sigma chapter of Delta Zeta. Like Delta Zeta, Delta Sigma Epsilon had been founded at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. We received the designation of the Delta Sigma Chapter in remembrance of the merger with Delta Sigma Epsilon.

    At this time, Dr. Ruth Warner Towne was the Delta Sigma Collegiate Chapter Director. She continued in this position until her retirement in 1987. Dr. Towne was an amazing woman who supported both Delta Zeta and Truman State University in many ways. She received many awards and honors for her service and dedication to both, including the Delta Zeta Acoth Award and the E.M. Violette Outstanding Advisor Award from Truman. In commemoration of her achievements, the Dr. Ruth Warner Towne Cooperation Award was established for the Delta Zeta Region Weekend and the Dr. Ruth Warner Towne Conference Room at Delta Zeta Headquarters was constructed from a donation given by Delta Sigma in her honor. She left an impact on our sorority and our school that will not soon be forgotten.

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