Region Weekend 2014

2014 was a big year for Delta Zeta both on Truman’s Campus as well as in Region IX. At Region Weekend we were awarded with nine awards for the 2013 year! These include Maintaing Chapter Total, Outstanding Service Hours, 100% Initiation for One Semester, Participation in Delta Zeta’s I Have A Choice Campaign, Reaching Quota,…

Class of 2014

As we sat and watched our sisters and best friends walk across the stage at graduation, there were so many emotions and so many memories being relived. We remember how much excitement there was meeting each other as we ran down the hill on Bid Day. We remember the late nights of studying and hanging out in…

Let the Flame Endure Forever

Congratulations to the 38 newest members of Delta Zeta! Your Delta Sigma sisters could not be prouder or more elated to have you join our sisterhood! We cannot wait to watch you grow even more as actives of the best sorority of Truman State’s campus!

Happy 110th Birthday Delta Zeta!!

Happy Founder’s Day, Delta Sigma! 110 years ago six couragoues women in Oxford, OH started a sisterhood unlike any other! The debt we owe to those women and our own Delta Sigma legacy, Ruth Warner Towne, is so great, and the only way it can be repaid is living everyday as a true Delta Zeta!

Delta Zeta Do or Die

Recruitment is finally over and the chapter’s hard work payed off! Delta Sigma welcomed 40 new members into our 2012 Fall Class! We are all so excited to watch these baby turtles grow through Delta Zeta!

Delta Zeta Now and Ever

Bid Day 2008 Delta Sigma said goodbye to a group of incredible women this month. Their impact on our chapter and Truman State as a whole will not soon be forgotten. They will be greatly missed as actives, however, we are excited to see the impact they will make as alumnae.